Advice for your Tiny, disgusting dicklet

Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
8:15 min - Aug 05 - .MP4 - 307.28 MB


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Azure Goddess Wynter has opened Her inbox to a bunch of dick pictures -again-. She reminds you that no Woman wants to see dick pictures.... especially of your tiny dicklet!!! It's a waste of a cock, it will never go near Her! you'll be a sad pathetic loser wanking such a tiny dick with maybe two fingers, if you're lucky to even be that big. There is nothing attractive about your cock & Azure Goddess goes on to list everything that's gross about it. you'll never even see Her tits with a dick that small! She teases you with Her plentiful cleavage... But hey, maybe it's good for, like, beginners anal? Something that small is probably a good butt plug? Ew, talking about your dick so much is making Azure Goddess gag, it's so disgusting She throws up in Her mouth just talking about it
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