This Game Made Me Cum Twice in 4min

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1,050 5.0
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nazgul520 Aug 9 2017
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After seeing the ad for the game 100's of times, I fully got the context of this film. Jackie does a great job of producing the feeling of a RPG. She is 100% hot as fuck as an elf and that alone would make this Video worth it

Blueflyte Sep 25 2017
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This is a very sexy and very creative vid from Jackie. She pays such attention to detail in her costume and makeup (those ears! perfect!) that it makes the experience believable and fun. The background & music are perfect for a classic rpg vibe (even the font fits the theme), and Jackie's gorgeous body made me "level up" straightaway. All three positions (oral, reverse, and regular cowgirl filmed from behind) are super hot, I love Jackie's dark labia and intensely pink vagina, and when her breasts finally appear, it's like sunshine on a cloudy day. A bit of hum in the soundtrack distracts, only slightly, from the alluring experience of virtual sex with this enticing and exotic character. Well worth the 900 gold!

An RPG wood elf fantasy experience. You're playing your favorite RPG video game. You walk into an unlocked tavern and find an enticing wood elf looking up at you from the bed. You talk to this elf, Jackie, and she offers you her paid services. You give her your gold and she rides you to completion
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