Dancing in skimpy panties

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American / Alabama
179 5.0
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Gefogef - Top reviewer Oct 5
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Sentfrmheavrn is her name and this video gives us a small glimpse into what heaven may actually look like.
As the video start we see a beautiful goddess slowly gyrating her hips, wearing a thing so small you coukd floss with it. Each move, every sway accentuates her beautiful curves, slowly she turns to face us revealing a full set of lacey black negligee dark enough to cover her modisty but still slightly see-through that if you look through your dirty mind can picture how sexy she'd appear when naked. She never stops moving that soon you'll find yourself no longer watching a video but feeling you're getting your own private lap-dance.
I watched this video not knowing what to expect, but now my eyes are open and I've seen something that leads me to believe heaven isn't a place on earth, but a siren who resides in good ol' Alabama.

Just me getting ready for my day enjoying my chatroom and Dancing around in my panties
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