Your bratty sisters control+facesit you

416 5.0

Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
416 5.0
11:18 min - Aug 07 - .MP4 - 241.23 MB - 854x480


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BigBruh702 - Top reviewer Aug 23
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Everytime I see a video like this I ENVY your "brother"! This video was playful, dominant, and sexy as hell! The facesitting was perfection and I love hearing all of the teasing and taunting that you ladies did in this clip! I will always purchase videos like this from one of the sexiest ladies to ever sit on a face! You ROCK, Savannah!

Savannah and Skylar come home from the gym. Eager to relax they head for the couch and TV only to find there annoying little brother there. The girls grab the remote and push him off the couch. He is such a little loser! The girls laugh at him as he pathetically cowers at there feet as they push and kick him around. Hr threatens to tell their parents on them but that just elicits more laughter from the girls, he tries to get up but they just push him to the ground again. Savannah pounces on him and puts him in a head lock. He wants to try and be cute, now they are going to get mean! Savannah c hokes him as Skylar begins to belly punch him! The girls giggle as his face turns red and he gasps out in pain! Skylar wants a turn and making him beg for air, so she throws him in between her strong thighs into a head scissor. They taunt him and asks if he still wants to tell on them? Savannah leans over and gives him a noogie as he lays trapped powerless between Skylar's thighs. The girls proceed to torment him in any way they see fun, including nipple twisters, punching him, and tickling him. The girls decide that Skylar should practice her wrestling move on him! Watching him wither in pain is funny but Savannah grows bored complaining to Skylar they has to come up with some new ways to tease him. This is all things they've done 100 times before its getting boring. Struck with inspiration, Savannah rips his shorts off. Terrified he tries to grab them but its to late! The girls realize hes not wearing any underwear! What a weirdo! Grossed out and laughing at his shame the girls throw his shorts on his face and order him to put them back on! When he reaches for them, they kick him onto his back and begin spanking and stomping on him. As he tries to run away Savannah throws him into a head lock. As he squirms, Savannah whispers to Skylar that they should hold him down and sit on his face! She agrees that would be be a fun and has herself a seat! Savannah laughs and laughs as Skylar plops her round booty down on his face. He screams and tries to push her off, but he is no match for her booty muscles. His face turns bright red and sweaty as the Skylar s mothers him out, she even lets a fart slip out on his face! Seeing all the fun Skylar is having, Savannah is eager to jump on his face and watch him struggle! She climbs on and giggles in delight. This is even more fun then she thought! She wonders if she could actually make him pass out from her booty