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Sweaty Fat Folds & Fupa Powdering 2

242 Views · jun 9, 2023
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Daisy Dax is so sweaty! She's a fatty with lots of curves and crevices, and she needs to powder them daily to keep them dry and hygienic. She can get smelly and grody if she doesn't keep those areas dry. She used to use cotton rounds, but someone suggested getting an old timey powder puff container, and Daisy loves it! She takes out the puff from the container, and thoroughly powders her armpits and under her tits, stripping as she does, getting powder in the creases of her groin, and her fat fupa and pussy from different angles so you can see everything up close. She giggles and jiggles her blubbery chubby body. These are just the things that a lazy fatty like Daisy has to do daily to keep clean and fresh.

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