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Suffer For Your Goddess Custom

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This was a custom clip: "In the beginning you give me the Instructions to Collect some Items for the Cock and Ball Torment Part. I have to collect Rubberbands, Q-tips and a Spatula to hurt myself. The Rest is in your hands. Then I have to first wrap my Balls up with those Rubberbands and seperate them, how many I have to use is again in your Hands Goddess 6 Jun You first tease me to make me really hard, I love when you tease me with your beautiful Body, I especially love your round Ass with those long legs of yours, tease me with that in those highheels Boots That will freak me out Goddess. I Love when you play with Spit, and let that Spit drip all over you. I fantasize that you would Spit on me and humiliate me.
After Im Hard enough you give me the Instruction to stick the first Q-tip gently in my Cockhole, then play with it a bit and after some time I have to stick it all the way in, till the Cotton Part. Then you bring me to he first edge and tease me and talk dirty to me.
I love when you call me your Slave Bitch and humiliate me. You give me hard Orders and I have to Obey every Word of yours. I have to say that Im your Bitch and you are my Goddess My Name is Bijan, its called „Bischaan“ I would love when you build it in your Clip and call me sometimes by my Name. 
Also I love when you sometimes Spank your Ass and tease me with it. 
In the Ongoing Video you tease me and bring me a couple of times to the Edge, everytime after the Edge I have to hit my balls with the Spatula. How many Qtips I have to stick in my Cockhole, is in your Hands, (My Maximum was one time 3.)
Feel free to make the Video as you like and when you like give me other Instructions as well, as I said I will love to obey you and suffer for my Goddess. 
In the End you give me a Cum Countdown and tease me with your Ass and body. But you can decide how I have to cum for you"

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