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Cuckold Condom Rule: Cheating Impregnation

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I start off POV talking to my cuckold husband before going over to my boyfriend's house. We discuss the things I am going to do with him going over your one rule: USE A CONDOM. I assure you I not only intend to use a condom but I'm on birth control anyways so there is no chance I can get pregnant. Don't worry! Switch to POV with my boyfriend, we have sex in missionary and are using a condom. I turn over onto my hands and knees and ask you to take the condom off. I don't have sex with my cuck of a husband anymore and I'm not getting any younger. I want you to impregnate me. I want to break my cuckold husband's only rule! Fuck me raw, cum inside me, get me pregnant! In doggystyle position we have unprotected sex with plenty of impregnation dirty talk. I show off the creampie in the end, happy to finally be impregnated

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