Sub Wife Surprises You With Elf Cosplay

4,453 5.0

Arwen Datnoid

Canadian / Your butt
4,453 5.0
19:34 min - Aug 11 - .MP4 - 1.41 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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MT_Shell - Top reviewer Aug 12 2017
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Really loving the composition of this one, it's got a little bit of everything, blowjobs, boobjobs and riding all from great POV angles and an awesome side view shot aswell, this is all accompanied by arwen's hypnotic voice throughout the video with the same great level of quality we've come to expect from her. Also I need to give props on the angle used in the facial shot at the end, great stuff.

ChefRob33 - Top reviewer Aug 12 2017
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This! OMG this. This is why arwen is so god damn awesome. The skill, dedication and sheer talent she puts into all of her videos. This is a prime example of just how good she is. Bear in mind, this is a custom, and a great demonstration of just why her customs are so sought after. Great, sound, lighting and of course elf arwen, the cum shot at the end, just legendary.

Custom video! Name Grant used) You've had a really rough day at work, you just want to come home and take your mind of things. When you get home however your wife surprises you by dressing in elf cosplay, just like you had fantasized about before! She submissively gives herself to you and let's you have your way with her. She strips into her garter and tall socks and then crawls up to your cock on her hands and knees to suck you off. A lot of eye contact and tongue action! She then puts your throbbing hard cock inbetween her tits to tit fuck her for a little while until she begs to be fucked! Turned on and wet you fuck her in doggy (side view) then she rides facing you until you are about to cum! The grand finale is a huge cumshot to the face! Did you forget this was about a bad day of work? ;P