Sneeze distracted tarot reading


Fetish Bonnie

American / the internet
15:26 min - Aug 13 - .MP4 - 1.09 GB


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My nose has been stuffed up and sneeze-y all damn day, but a lovely person bought one of my tarot card readings so I try my best to get through it while not to getting distracted by my itchy, snot filled nose. I go about telling the viewer what each card means, but before I know it I just have to start making myself sneeze because my nose is just to irritated and annoying to let it go any further. It's so much better than waiting for them to sneak up on me, right? I casually explain all of this to the viewer, apologizing for my rude behavior, but assuring them it won't get in the way. I use my trust q-tip and tease out some sneezes to try and scratch the itch that my allergies have left me with and I manage to get through the reading, but not before a few self-induced sneeze attack & using several tissues to blow my stuffed up nose out on. Lots of sneezing, nose play, nose blowing & sniffles