Ann Takamaki: A Look Behind The Persona

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Lana Rain

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PsychoB Feb 6

I would love to be your Sex machine sister ♥

MistressGeisha Sep 14 2017

💜 <3 so beautiful 💖

MistressGeisha Sep 14 2017

💜So beautiful! 💜<3

purple_bitch Sep 14 2017


Jymba8 Sep 13 2017

Absolutely amazing video! Loved all the bonus cats throughout! :D

gatefox Sep 7 2017

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gatefox Sep 7 2017

Hi lana i just want to informe you about a site that is sharing your videos in ilegal ways the name is camwhores here is a link to one of menbers  i hope y can make something about it i love your work 💖💖

MissTootsies Sep 3 2017

God, you are so perfect! <3

Ayumi Anime Sep 1 2017

Cute )

Mikev22x deleted Aug 28 2017

Woah! Looking Cool, Joker!

diosaera Aug 27 2017

You are perfect,hope one day I got your style

Brenda Show Aug 23 2017

Fucking perfect. I hope one day reach the quality of your videos.

LastAce Aug 21 2017

I'm hoping you may have plans for Makoto in the future... Hopefully something foot-related. That's just my lewd fantasies talking, though...

hokage212 Aug 18 2017

personaaaaaaaa haha

RottenPines Aug 15 2017

Absolutely perfect!

Doguemastiff Aug 15 2017

I was waiting for this <3

bestpsychosean Aug 23 2017

Did you see that Shinji?

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Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Aug 15 2017
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Whoo boy. Where do I begin? I do like the setting where you the viewers is the corrupted one. In the game, people have a palace that reflect how they see society and the people around them. they also have a cognition. what drives to the person they are. For us, Ann stumbled into our heart and sees that we see her as a slutty person, for who she really is. Her cognitive self basically reveals for who she truly is. So it is really creative to see her cognition doing slutty things to yourself as you fulfill your own desires. The angles. Oh my god. I loved seeing Lanas body all over the place. All the script writing and filming she had to do for so long really pays off in this video. I do like how your own path, so this video(much like the game) has a lot of replay value as well. I had to go through the whole video just to give a full review. Her cosplay was on point with the real Ann and cognitive Ann. and that last scene. Extremely slutty. I am surprised she got I done

As a fan of Persona 5 and a fan of Lana, I am happy to see this finally released. The price for this video is fair for what it is worth. Any fans of both will certainly enjoy this vides as much as I have enjoyed it. Get it. You will be satisfied with all the hard work that Lana puts into it. Oh and do watch out for the Phantom Thieves.

RottenPines Aug 15 2017
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Absolute perfection! Lana put so much time, energy and effort into this video, and it shows. The fact that this video is only set at her A-Tier price instead of S-Tier makes it a bargain. If you like Lana Rain's previous work, enjoy Persona 5 or just like choose your own adventure stories, you need to buy this video!

Johnnyboy844 Aug 26 2017
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Fucking awesome!! This video is so unique and entertaining. This is next level shit. Seriously, porn companies should be asking Lana on tips on how to direct porn movies. Her videos have always kept you engaged on her and the dialog. But this video takes it even further with letting you progress in the video how you wanna see it. Definitely worth more then $39.99 but the loving and fan dedicated Lana Rain makes it affordable. What more can you ask? Again, fucking amazing video. We love you Lana. Keep at it.

Lana Rain Sep 5 2017

Thank you soooo much :)

trock230 - Top reviewer Aug 17 2017
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BUY THIS NOW!!! This video is without a doubt worth every penny I spent. I didn't fully read the description so i was surprised when i found out it was a game as well, but that not a bad thing. Like i said before though this is a really high quality video and is defiantly worth getting in my opinion.

r_grayson Aug 16 2017
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You can tell from the quality of this production that this must have taken hours to make. Amazing.
Proud of you Lana Rain!

HidetoshiY92 Aug 17 2017
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Lana the amount of effort you put into these vids is phenomenal

Brosef91 Aug 16 2017
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This is such an incredible video, from the production, quality, interaction and length. It's a steal! don't hesitate to pick this up and enjoy it :) great work and can't wait to see what the future projects are ^__^

Assholathotekkkh Aug 16 2017
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To call this video meticulous would be a mere understatement given the amount of time and effort it took to create it, and the extra help. In the end, it turned out to be the most rewarding video for both Lana and us viewers.

Anchovy Aug 15 2017
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This is the best Performer i See on this site, Absolutlely Great!

conny1000 Aug 24 2017
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What a glimpse of fresh air! Well made video with great re-watch value. Worth every penny.

bestpsychosean Aug 23 2017
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Absolutely amazing. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is as close to perfect a porn can get. At least a P5 porn. Everything from production, to script, and the action is top notch. Worth every penny.

One small complaint, it wasn't clear to me at first. But every time you get a "cum in her _____" option or something along those lines it's an ending. I found my self in a loop between the cum on her face and the ass fucking scene until I realized I got stuck after not realizing the cum in her pussy scene was an ending. I still enjoyed it though lol.

Darne57 - Top reviewer Nov 15
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Lana needs no introduction! Really has a knack for what people want, you will not be disappointed in any video she makes!

Smith_T deleted - Top reviewer Jan 18
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Civ5Sejong deleted Jan 1
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It's good.

spazum11 - Top reviewer Oct 22 2017
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this video is amazing. the amount of time and effort that has gone into making this video really shows, the scripting, effects, costume and lay out of the video is phenomenal. not to mention how sexy lana looks. this video is so erotic and arousing it is worth every dollar.

Souleater20 Oct 12 2017
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This video is really unique and done with such precision is amazing when you hear how many hours went into making this video and for her to sell it for only 39.99 is just crazy but it's well worth the money to get it this video is one of the top ones that I own for the Lana Rain collection.

cviddy Oct 8 2017
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Quite possibly the most perfect video on this site.

LetvirVatra Sep 10 2017
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I've gone though a Persona 5 phase lately and as Ann Tamaki was the character i'd chosen to pick for Joker I've been looking for something like this. The price was more expensive than I originally planned but after reading the description and finding out the work that went into it I thought I'd give it a shot and I'm glad I did it was amazing and you can tell the amount of hard work, time and effort put into it. I really enjoyed it especially how Lana works it into the lore of Persona 5 using the metaverse to change Ann's heart.

Diamond A-Tier][1080p][60FPS][Plot][Cosplay] Ann Takamaki from Persona 5 is held captive in your own mind's labyrinth. Use your mind's projection of Ann Takamaki to slowly break the real Ann's defenses down and convince her to be more honest with what it is that she really craves... |||||||||||||||||||| As many who followed my Twitter during the final day I put this together know well, this took the most work out of all of my videos thus far, even far more than any of my S-Tiers. 3 weeks of scriptwriting and careful detailing of set up and gear weeks in advanced in order to visualize the possibility of what I was going for. Honestly, this is a FULL FLEDGED S-Tier, but I promised you guys A-Tier prices and I have the best supporters in the world so I don't mind at all. If you couldn't guess from the preview already, in this A-Tier you're able to choose your own path on what actions you want to take and come up with different endings. There are many routes you can take, try to find them all :). |||||||||||||||||| I had a lot of fun making this but it took a lot of dedication and patience. I hope you guys can find something in it to enjoy too ^_^. Thank you for all of the support as always