Sext Me: Volume 3



American / Georgia
42:19 min - Aug 15 - .MP4 - 571.99 MB - 640x480


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Lover of peace
Lover of peace deleted Aug 21 2017

So you no longer live in nyc ?

TaylerTexas Oct 15 2017

Where I live is irrelevant. That is not a respectful question to ask. Oh, and I never lived in NYC. ;)

This is a great compilation of photos and videos taken straight from my phone! The content in this compilation has been seen by hardly anybody! Some of it comes straight from my VIP Snapchat, so if you're a member of that, this is a fantastic way to hold on to over 40 minutes of content without the annoying screenshot style downloads. If you're not a member of my VIP Snapchat crew, you definitely haven't seen these! It's a great example of the many things I post on there, and also similar to what I'd sext you. ;) In this compilation, you'll see shower, bath, B/G, stripping and dancing, ass, tits, masturbation, and MORE