Fetish Friday

Poisonous Lipstick


Lady Morrigan

Romanian / Texas, USA
7:39 min - May 16 - .MP4 - 544.07 MB


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I am always sharing with you the best things I receive, and this time it is a very special lipstick, called "Serpentina" from Lime Crime! Watch me apply this higly pigmented, long-lasting opaque lipstick, with a very bold metallic color, only to start kissing my small mirror after that! Of course, I also pucker up my beautiful lips, inviting you to touch and kiss them. But caution! These lips might become addictive and poisonous... * 1920X1080; 7:39 min * LIPSTICK FETISH, GREEN LIPSTICK, MAKEUP FETISH, FACE FETISH, LIPS FETISH, MOUTH FETISH, NON-NUDE