Blackmailed into being my ass slave


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
12:29 min - Aug 18 - .WMV - 374.36 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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Savannah caught her coworker jerking off to her porn. She took a secret video of him, and now is threatening to send it to his wife and everyone in the office, unless he agrees to be her slave. She's getting ready to go out on a hot date, and orders him pick out her clothes and help her get dressed. She laughs and humiliates him, and when he fucks up zipping up her dress, she takes the opportunity to teach him a lesson in s mothering. She grabs the back of his neck and pushes his head deep between her ass checks. He struggles for air, and grabs her massive ass trying to free his face. She toys with him, asking if hes having fun breathing in the sent of her asshole. She orders him to kiss her asshole and when he does, she calls him a gross pervert. He finally gets her dressed, and then asks if he can go? Sure he can go, let me just send this to your wife really quick, whats her email again? Savannah replies. He begs her not to, it will ruin his marriage. Savannah laughs sadistically and informs him that she has another hour before her date arrives. Guess she will use that time to sit on his face and make it her personal throne! She makes him her total ass slave, before completely s mothering him out! She leaves to go out on her date, but informs his limp body that she is going to let her date cum in her, and come back and sit on his face