Pantyhose Giantess Eats Crushes Tiny Men


Sydney Screams

American / Las Vegas
8:26 min - May 17 - .MP4 - 623.68 MB


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Sydney walks into the kitchen to discover her appetizers for a dinner party have tried to escape. There are tiny men all over the kitchen floor trying to run away! This just will not do. Sydney's amazon, pantyhose clad legs torment the tiny men, as her stiletto high heels threaten to stomp the tiny men. Who will survive? Giantess Sydney swoops down to grab the tiny men, choosing her meal carefully. As Sydney licks her next meal, the other tiny men are scared. Sydney crushes tiny men under Her giantess high heels while eating others. Nobody will survive! Includes: Giantess, vore, Amazon, high heels, pantyhose, upskirt