Let's Get Rid of Your Balls


Lady Morrigan

Romanian / Texas, USA
10:02 min - Aug 21 - .MP4 - 586.08 MB


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Custom Clip*: You've never been near a woman's special place, and are a virgin - except for your habitual masturbation. Your worthless penis is useless and certainly would never please a Lady; your pathetic balls only serve to drive you insane making you masturbate like a filthy a.n.imal. You should and need to be castrated by a Lady such as Myself! I will cruelly and painfully geld you by taking your balls after making you sniff p.o.ppers. I show you My beautiful legs while instructing you to sniff your bottle as I describe how you should be castrated and made more useful as a eunuch... *** 1920x1080; 10:02 min *** This clip includes elements of: GELDING FETISH, CASTRATION, FEMDOM POV, FEMALE DOMINATION, P.O.PPERS, MIND FUCK, LEG FETISH, STOCKINGS, BLACK LINGERIE, HIGH HEELS, HUM.I.LIATION