Sadistic Inventor's Cum Cow

nov 25, 2023Stream and Download2.40 GB16m04s 4K

You've been locked in this basement for a long time, hooked up to a milking machine. Today I'm finally going to tell you why. I run a cosmetics company, and the main ingredient in my new youth serum is cum, so you're here to be milked like a cow for your ejaculate. Also, I've been using you for breeding. I have yet to sample the product though and as the owner of the company it is my duty to make sure that you have quality semen. So today I'm going to ride you until you cum deep inside me. I'm going to take your seed and determine whether or not it is good enough for me. I don't care about your thoughts or feelings. You will remain here until I'm done with you. You are only a cum cow to me.

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