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Shrunken Inside Step-Sister's Asshole

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Our step-parents went out of town for 2 weeks, and put My annoying step-brother in charge. We are both in college, and his is twice as far but they still trusted him more than me and think he's sooo responsible. I knew you would fuck it up somehow so I decided to make a surprise visit home and find the house completely trashed. After documenting everything, I'm so excited to hold this over your head. I love seeing you grovel- you really don't want them to realize what a fuck-up you really are do you! Okay then, I'll give you a choice-because I really love this groveling and ass kissing. But I want you to actually kiss My ass. I have this shrink ray that I've been eager to use on someone. I want to shrink you down and keep you in my panties for the rest of the two weeks, kissing my ass the entire time. Once you're shrunken down though, I realize I'll have to keep you right in My ass crack to prevent you getting crushed when I sit down. Too late to back out now!!

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