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White Boi Manipulation

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So, you've never actually been with a girl this "exotic" before.. have you? Couldn't resist My unique features & had to try Me out is what you were thinking. Now that you've taken Me home I'll make things short & sweet, want Me to be your "ebony" girlfriend? First I'll need all the money you have. That's right, a rich white boi like you can't get one over Me, it reparations & this ebony pussy won't be spreading for that tiny pink willy. I think you already know how I like them.. thicker, wider & darker. I wouldn't be caught d3ad in public with a white bitch like you! Want to feel this powerful tight ebony pussy? I want all the WHITE MONEY m.0mmy & d@ddy left you. NBWO means no breeding with white bois! Of course I'll use My golden ebony curves to manipulate & seduce you BUT you'll never get what you want from Me white loser! What will those wrinkly miserable white "step-parents" of yours think when they find out the trust fund & investment portfolios they left you were EMPTIED by a hot black brat! Hahahaha, weak white bitches are SO easy to manipulate. One glance at My golden ass & you're hooked, your white cock needs this & you will do whatever I say white boi!

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