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Big Bad Butt Sniffer

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I know your type. You’re good looking, maybe a little buff, drive a nice car and take pride in your “alpha-ness”....except deep down you’re not truly as big and bad as you present, especially when in the presence of a thick and curvy gorgeous woman. I see where your eyes go and I can easily detect the lust in your eyes when you look upon my ass. I know just how to get you to drop that big bad boy mask and have you begging like a little bitch on your knees. All it takes is hiking up my dress and waving my divine derriere in your face and generously offering you a big whiff of my ass. You can’t resist, and the next thing you know you’re on your knees pleading for another big sniff of my delicious hole. I want to see the macho man crumble under the mesmerizing sweet scent of my asshole as you pump furiously while taking those deep inhalations. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me…as long as you drop to your knees for more sniffs and whiffs between my cheeks whenever I demand it!

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