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Big Dick Worship - Part 1

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So I’ve heard that you have a really big cock Everyone’s talking about it and I want to know if it’s true! Is it true?! I want to see for myself. I love dick and I’ve seen a lot of big dicks, so if it’s genuinely that big, I’ll be able to tell you. Why don’t you show me? I can already see that bulge in your pants. Do you have a semi? No?? Wow.. it must be big if I can see that bulge already. Undo your zipper, pull down your pants and pull it out for me. Go on! Wow… I have never seen anything like it. It is HUGE! It’s got to be one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen.. Maybe even the biggest. It’s so meaty and girthy and veiny. It’s perfect. Literal perfection! Can you get two hands around it? It’s so hot when a man can stroke with two hands. Oh my god. You can get two hands around it. Go on and jerk that beautiful fat cock for me. Please stroke it for me. I’m getting so turned on watching you. The way you stroke it is so masculine and powerful. I need to touch myself. I must touch myself immediately. My pussy is getting wet and I just want to masturbate to your gorgeous gigantic cock. Will you cum for me too? Please tell me you’ll cum for me. All I can think about as I touch myself is you fucking me.. Stretching my tight pussy out.. The way you’d make me feel. No other dick could make me feel like that. I want to see your big cum shot. Come on and show me your big load. Spray that cum everywhere for me. Give it to me! Oh my god… I have never seen anything SO hot in my life. Watching you cum makes me stop playing with my pussy suddenly as I watch in awe as you drain the thick cum out of those big, heavy balls. It’s the best cum shot I’ve ever seen in my life and your dick is the biggest, most beautiful, fat girthy cock I have ever seen before. I need more of your dick, I really need to feel it inside me next time

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