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Yes Mistress

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It's not the libido pills (he's not taking them anymore) or long-term denial (he just had a double-ruin last night) or anything besides my thick thighs + juicy ass + talented hands that have my boy turned tf out.  Once he's revved up and rock hard, I commence with the mindfuck. My voice and my stroking put him into a submissive trance. I describe -- in graphic detail -- what I'm doing to him in the moment and what's in store. Love to make him beg for the most sadistic treatment ... to make him think this was all his idea.  I take total control, reminding him that the only correct response in-session is "Yes, Mistress." And soon enough, I have him on full-tilt, admitting that yes, he does want a messy ruin and chastity-lockup. It's all by design.

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