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Findom EVE 120er Chain Powersmoke

62 Views · jul 14, 2023
$ 21.99
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On your knees slave, yes thats your place! Worship, stroke, drip and watch your bank account dwindle for Me, tribute by tribute. The damage is done, like a devoted slave you shall endure the pain I forsake you with. You shall slave, you shall pay, you shall find yourself obedient and addicted to me! I will make you never forget your place, as you are here to worship and please Me! It's so easy to get inside your mind and inside your pants, a sexy inhale, a sway of my body, a bat of my eyelashes and I have you hooked and asking for more. Drag after drag, after drag, obedience and addiction builds up with your hard on. You will tribute, become even more addicted, more hooked as your allowing yourself to get turned on more and more.

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