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Joyce Adidas Slipper Feet HD

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Today Joyce feet were sweating all day long. She woke up early in the morning because she had an appointment with her girlfriends for morning jog. Her run got extended so she came back home half an hour later than she planned. Unfortunately, she didn't have time to shower. She changed her clothes quickly and ran to her parents. Now, imagine her feet after intensive workout put into cotton socks for the next hours. When she came back she felt her feet floated in sweat. That was not an over for today - she had another meeting, really important. Dinner with her boyfriend. She changed her shoes for her slippers and called her pathetic slave. She thought it will be great pleasure for him to lick her sweaty feet clean. She was always so amused about foot slaves. No matter how stinky or dirty her feet were they always waited with their tongues out and ready to clean! Foot lovers was always the lowest in slave hierarchy. She totally ignored and humiliated them and they always were so horny to lick her feet. Joyce is 23 years old gorgeous girl with 11 (41 EU) size perfectly shaped wide feet and wrinkled soles. She is 5’10” (180 cm) sexy girl 158 LBS (72 KG). She is a sexy lady with high arches and perfect pink soles. She knows how much you want her feet and shows her sexy feet when she sits on the sofa. Hope you are ready to lock yourself up and worship these perfect feet!. She teases you with her bare feet, softest pink soles and smooth toes! You will absolutely drool at sight of Joyce’s bare soles and elegant toes. The video resolution is Full HD 1920×1080 p.

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