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Darkabyss445 in leather overalls, gunge and water

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Lots of gunge is awaiting darkabyss445 as she enters the bathtub, wearing her black leather overalls. She takes her first bucket of thick gunge and pours it over herself which is closely followed by plenty more. The gunge runs down into her leather overalls and fills them, and she gently squeezes the gunge out, letting it flow up through her boobs and over the top of the overalls. Once she is completely covered from head to toe, she opens the faucet letting water flow into the bath. She repositions the camera and grabs a bucket and fills it with water and then dumps it over her head, making her soaking wet. The sun shines through the window, making the water glisten on her leathers. She dumps more and more water over her head until she is completely clean and soaked to the core.

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