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Don't Cum or I Will Tell Your Mom

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I am your mom's friend. I am recently pregnant (about halfway through, visible bump). I noticed you staring at me every time I have come over ever since I announced my pregnancy. You get more and more turned on every time I'm over, slightly bigger than the last time. My belly and my breasts swelling. I can tell you are into preggos. I decide to use you as a personal little fuck toy to satisfy my hormonal desires. But one rule: you can't cum. Only I can cum. If you cum, I will tell your mom that you're into preggos and have been acting very inappropriate towards me! I refer to you as perverted a couple times, but humiliation is not the focus here. I strip naked and cover myself in oil, seducing you. I start by stroking your cock, edging you, challenging you. Making sure you can handle me without cumming. If you don't cum while I edge you, you get to fuck my pregnant pussy. If you do cum, I will tell your mom. You pass that test so I start to ride you, not stopping. I hope you can handle me, riding your cock fast and hard with my tits and belly visible. If you are a good boy and don't cum at all then you get to continue fucking me until I pop. I am going to use you to make myself cum any time I want, but you will never get to cum or I tell your mom. Do you pass?

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