Giantess Squishes You



American / Ohio
3:24 min - Oct 09 - .WMV - 111.41 MB


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I am walking around my house and I notice a pest scurrying around my room! I take a closer look and I realize it is a tiny, scared little man. Did you think you could live in my house without me noticing? Rather than calling an exterminator, I think I will take matters into my own hands! The tiny scared little man is so pathetic, I squish him easily with my stiletto heel. I laugh as I crush him to bits. Starting with his belly, then his face, then his tiny, tiny little penis! I take a piece of his arm and try a bite. Tasty! A little crunchy...Hope I don't run into any more little men in my house. I will eat them just like the first one! Video is in HD 960 x 720