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Blair Waters

French / France
2,942 5.0
7:31 min - Aug 26 - .MP4 - 231.20 MB - 1280x720 HD


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theorg2k Dec 9 2017
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A wonderful view, I can't get enough of that oil shining off her skin.

Gazronsdarkness Aug 27 2017
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this is one fantastic vid blair looks like the goddess she is loved the second screen on her laptop

Blair Waters Aug 27 2017

Thank you! trying to do differ videos and styles. Thank you for kind words, makes me sooo happy!<3<3

Mid-day visuals of my ass (look at me) (stares eagerly).... also second view on laptop as seen.....the natural lights bounces off my skin. Oils applied slight bends. Slight views of pussy from behind//bush peaks from the back... (ONLY ass views) (lights bounces around a bit) (Webcam shot) (Gritty wonderfully raw) -----------where are we? who are we? we shall never know....nightclub vibes