Make Me Teenage and Pregnant

11,795 4.6

Carmen Grant

American / Bahstan
11,795 4.6
7:51 min - May 19 - .MP4 - 1.32 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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stranger84 May 20 2015
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Couldn't resist your twitter advertisement!!! So sexy and amazing video!!!

Thot98 deleted Dec 12 2016
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arrow2ken - Top reviewer Dec 2 2016
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Carmen Grant lays down the best impregnation fantasy video on this site. Simply top notch.

latinheat79 Jun 28 2016
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Would breed this beauty any day!

chocobofarmer86 - Top reviewer May 21 2016
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This POV vid is one of the best out there! The outfit, the setting, the acting, all superb! Watching those big tits bounce and hearing her moan is almost to perfect! Can't wait to see what else this girl has up her sleeve.

Lblb028 Nov 20 2017
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Amazing impregnation vid! I recommend it. Wish she made more vids in this category.

maliciousjester - Top reviewer Nov 8 2017
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I love Carmens eyes. And watching her in a pov style angle with an imprenation fantasy, kicks up the climax up.

Dashingtea Sep 19 2016
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Carmen is such a teenage slut and every man's wet dream... but I feel that I must be honest in this review and say the video was really awful. Her pretty little face and the clothing/makeup were the best part of this video. I wish she would work on her dirty talking skills more because I did not get aroused from any verbal comments she made. The BIGGEST disappointment in the video is the fact that there was no actual penetration being seen; I don't believe she used any dildos or fingers during the sex act. It looked as though she just moved back and forth on her bed. Not only does this upset the viewer, it begs the question; why would you put so much effort in your clothing/makeup...and absolutely none in your performance?

Now on the other hand, I think if she shot this video with her significant would of been so much better. I've seen the other videos and he is dominant on this little girl!

However, if you're wondering on if this video would be a good buy...probably not. I would absolutely only get this if you had nothing else to use your money on. It just isn't worth it. :)

gangsta_cat - Top reviewer Dec 30 2015
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All of her friends are having babies and she pleads for you to fill her womb.Who could refuse Carmen when she stares into your eyes and ask's you to empty your load in her up.10/10

warswics Dec 22 2015
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So damned hot. Carmen is a freakin sex pot. My only complaint is I wanted her completely naked and I wanted to jump in and help her get that way! Seriously this is a great video and well worth the price.

kmlawdog - Top reviewer Dec 1 2015
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Wow, What A Hot And Yummy Vid. You Are Such A Bad Girl. Guys, This Is One To Watch !!!!!!

Theodore9 Nov 17 2016
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fully emersed myself in this. so so sexy.

Kraxxis Sep 24 2016
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Okay but you need to compress your videos. 1.32 gigs for a 7 min video

Daddy, don't I look so cute in my new American Eagle t-shirt? I look good enough to fuck raw! Throw that condom out! Have you gone through your Facebook feed lately? ALL my friends are pregnant! I don't want to wait anymore. I want your hot sperm to fill my empty womb. I'm not going to leave you alone until you empty your entire sagging ballsack inside of me!