Your Girlfriends Roommate Helps You Cum

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Brookelynne Briar

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4,497 5.0
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barbelithmoon - Top reviewer Dec 24
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This was great, sexy and fun :) Brookelynne roleplays so well, I hope she produces more.

boonie40 Feb 15 2018
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I was blown away. I know I'm dirty and out there, but she threw some new and original things that I've never heard before and loved it. This is what I try and find each time I buy a video and found it here. So, thank you. Great video!!

Your girlfriend and I have been close friends for a really long time, and she tells me all sorts of things. For example, she tells me how you are a HUGE perv, and how she has a suspicion you have a crush on me. One night, when I crawl into bed, only to find you spying on me. You ARE some sick, nasty pervert, aren't you? Your girlfriend is going to be so fucking pissed. Luckily for you, I happen to think you are kind of hot, and from everything your girlfriend has told me, you have a huge cock. So go on, get your cock out for me and show me how you jerk it.