Freebie Tuesday

Teasing And Denying You With My Ass


Brookelynne Briar

Canadian / Canada
7:13 min - Jul 28 - .MP4 - 191.96 MB - 1280x720 HD


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So, you think you deserve to see my tight asshole and pussy? What makes you think that? You really think I would let just any dirty boy-slut get a glimpse of my tasty little holes? Do you really think you should be so lucky? You are going to have to prove to me that you deserve to lay your eyes on my tight asshole. You can start by winning my affection by stroking your cock off to my jiggling ass. Show me just how much my cute panties and bouncing ass turns you on. Stroke it hard and fast to my commands as I tease you with the thought of seeing my pretty pink pussy and asshole, and know that you will never be good enough to even see them, let alone taste them or touch them. How does it feel to know you are not worthy of glimpsing my holes? It makes you so hard to know how worthless you are, and how I control when you cum and what you cum to. Maybe next time I'll allow you to see my pretty cunt, but for now you have to impress me by blowing the biggest fucking load you have ever milked from your balls while watching me tease you with my shaking ass.