I'm Taking Your Balls Tonight


Evil Opal

American / Florida
5:02 min - Sep 28 - .MP4 - 285.04 MB


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My private detective has reported back with the proof. You thought you could get away with cheating on me? Well, you should have known better. Your obedience will always be enforced with my harsh control and discipline. I could merely divorce you, of course. But your role as my financial slave husband is too valuable for that. I've come to love seeing that direct deposit in my account every two weeks. But actions always have consequences. Did you really think I would hesitate for a second to take your balls and make you just one more of the eunuch slaves in my stable? Having you as a financial slave husband is good. But having you as a financial slave husband AND ball-less eunuch will be even more entertaining. It makes me giggle just to think about it. Now put those little balls on my cutting board here and let's begin
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