Mature American Belly Worship


Evil Opal

American / Florida
9:13 min - Sep 14 - .MP4 - 513.73 MB


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I know how you love MILF Goddesses with bare, soft tummies and pale creamy skin. Today you get to gaze in adoration on my gorgeous, soft, big, fat belly while I play with it for you. I stroke my pretty pink stretch marks and jiggle my rippling soft cellulite. I slide my finger with the sexy long painted nail in and out of my deep, deep belly button. I shimmy and shake my big wide hips and even do a few belly drops for you, showing you from front and side how my gorgeous big belly looks as it falls. And the entire time I talk to you in my mesmerizing, sensual voice about how good it would feel if YOU were ever allowed to touch, feel, WORSHIP my beautiful mature American belly