JOI to my ripped leggings

889 5.0

Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
889 5.0
6:23 min - Aug 27 - .WMV - 375.16 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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BigBruh702 - Top reviewer Oct 24
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This video is sensual and VERY sexy in it's teasing and verbal suggestion! Savannah proves that she doesn't have to get naked to make us explode! Her sexy talk and amazing ass is spectacular in this video!!

We both know that your addicted to me. Your mouth waters and cock pounds with lust every time you see me. You like all my pictures online and tell me your my biggest fan. Well now I'm going to take control of your lust. I'm going to edge you and make your have the most powerful orgasm ever! All with the power of my seductive voice and see through leggings. My ass is so big that my legs are stretched to the max and start to burst open from so much ass! Enjoy having me take over your cock and surrender every drop of cum to me. *this was a custom order