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I'm sick of being plain boring old me. I envy the girls I see with their big tits and blonde hair and a queue of admiring men wherever they go. So I take a magic potion to transform into the perfect barbie bimbo fuckdoll. Breast expansion fetish is explored throughout, watch them grow into the biggest roundest fake bimbo tits ever! Similar to body possession fetish also as I become hypnot!sed into this brainless fuck toy All I want is to be wanted and used by men. The movie transforms into a colourful giggly brainless fantasy as the potion takes effect. I cant wait to explore my new barbie body and show off for you! POV cock sucking and fucking multiple angles finishing with a huge load on my face. This video theme is a little tongue in cheek, with phrases like 'fuck feminism!' - I am self degrading as I tell you that I want to be used, my body is your property, this is what women like me are made for, its all i deserve etc. Extremely high production value and HD quality cosplay video. - Enjoy!

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