The Circle GGGG

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481 5.0
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Oh my goddess. So perfect. A brilliant interpretation of the Craft.

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This feels like a trailer for something longer, but it's still really good. A good homage to The Craft, as promised, plus it hits some cool '90s music video nostalgia notes. Very stylized.

Grey_Geist - Top reviewer Sep 20
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A beautifully realized homage to cult classic film The Craft the eroticism of this video is off the charts. All of the ladies get moments in the spot light and while they mostly toy themselves there is plenty of kissing and touching throughout. It is a disservice to yourself to not buy this video.

mexintex - Top reviewer Sep 8
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if it comes from the mind of charlie it's gonna have an amazing outcome on film, this is no different. All 4 share a special chemistry on cam, it's funny hot and well shot. 1 out of 1 me highly recommends u spend your money on this clip.

How do you enter the circle? In perfect love, and perfect trust. An homage to The Craft starring Artemis Moon (, Robin Mae (, and Milo ( Four Girl Glitter Oil Tease and Hitachi Cum