Cocksucker EVAN is ALMIGHTY! BG Swallow

244 5.0

Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
244 5.0
14:05 min - Aug 30 - .MP4 - 156.57 MB - 640x480


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I was a member of loadmymouth and I have to say that out of all of the videos in the catalog, this was one of my favorites. Evan was one of the girls in the industry that sadly had a short career. I could only find one other video that she did a swallow at the end, but this video tops that. She had that exotic look that would drive any guy crazy, mixed with an innocent girl next door vibe. Sadly I lost the video during a computer crash. Thankfully Brandon is selling them individually. Trust me its worth the money to see her catch a nice load of sperm in her mouth and send it down to her belly. A ton of great videos, I would recommend Savava Ginger, Mia Lina (Another Fav) Myah Monroe, Tia Sweets

Thank you for the feedback, Resistance1!  Thank you for the past and present support, too!  Cheers!  (Y))

Cocksucker EVAN is ALMIGHTY! BJ Swallow I met Evan when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. She wore a hat that read "Love is a gamble." She's 21 and not ready for love, she says. She IS ready to party! 6 months into her porn career. Loves to suck and fuck. "That's all you need to know about me!" Currently a college student. Sees her friends having lots of random sex, so she has no qualms about making money doing it. Currently studying for her Bachelor's Degree in Education. Hopes to one day teach kindergarten. 5'4" 117lbs. Pink pedicured toenails. Has fucked in a friend's dad's antique motorcycle sidecar. She left her panties behind and got in trouble for it afterwards. Went wild at 18. Spanish father with a Filipino mother. Great relationship with both her parents. Her favourite part of herself? Her all-natural boobs. Has 20 scenes under her belt, all good experiences. Takes off her camouflage pants and thong. Tramp stamp tattoo of an orchid to remember her grandfather. Has travelled extensively in Europe. Loved Amsterdam! Went to a boarding school in High Wickham. Her jet set parents lived in Italy. Ass spread. Shaved pussy. Has been arrested for assault in the past, the result of road rage when she was 16. Also, she broke a boyfriend's car window for calling her numerous male "friends" on her cell phone and cussing them out. (Translation: He found out her ho-ery.) He also called her ugly and fat, which sent her over the edge. She spins her baseball hat around, drops to her knees, and sucks dick. Sweet head from a willing, well-trained cocksucker. "It tastes so good! I love your cock! You like it when I suck your dick!" Face fuck. Service gets upgraded and we fuck in doggy. She's tight as fuck and the moans seem real to me. Begs for cum. "I want to eat all your fucking cum!" She goes all Hunchback in doggy, making me work harder. I had to quiet this screaming banshee down. Her moans send me over the edge, so she spins around and catches her reward in her mouth. She says, "Delicious!" Love really IS a gamble and I think she just won the jackpot