The Nina, The Puta


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
12:39 min - Aug 31 - .MP4 - 141.62 MB - 640x480


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The Nina, The Puta.... I met Nina when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Fairy tramp stamp tattoo commemorates her nickname, "Tinkerbell." 5'5" 105lbs. 21 years old. From Sacramento. Loves to raft on the American River. Long blonde hair. Tight black top which reveals her belly. Single, no boyfriend. Veteran of fewer than 10 shoots, she says. Used to work at In & Out Burger, paralegal work, and cashier. Goal is to "have fun" and she's "hooked," she says. Her sister knows she's doing softcore modelling but doesn't know about the hardcore. Peels jeans down. No panties. Shaved pussy. Thigh gap. Cute belly button. Models her asshole and pussy in doggy. 75% Irish, 25% German. Tried to learn Gaelic but it's too difficult. Speaks a little bit of Spanish. Has tried anal in her personal life. Has been in a 3.5 year relationship. Going full steam ahead with porn for now. I take off her high heels. Size 6 feet. Her first swallow ever was for Bangbros in South Beach. Now, she's got past that fear. Nina drops to her knees to suck cock. Spit combined with tight-wrapped lips on both the up and downstroke. She struggles to deep throat but does some nice tongue work to the base of my shaft. Ball licking. She's hungry for cum, she says. More sucking in sync with her hand strokes. Begs for cum. "I want all that delicious protein all over my pink tongue!" I dump a load and she takes it down. "Thank you for feeding me!" she says. I tell her we need to fatten her up so more. Cumsluts. Gotta love 'em