20yo JAYLYNN Gets Fucked and Fed


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
18:26 min - Sep 03 - .MP4 - 204.84 MB - 640x480


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20yo JAYLYNN Gets Fucked and Fed I met Jaylynn when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Tattoo on her stomach that reads "Jaszmen," her girlfriend. She laughs when I tell her we are both bi-sexual, only I spell mine "buy." 5'5" 105lbs. Lean 20-year-old cutie from Utah. Mormon with 11 members in her family. No soda, no caffeine, no fornication, no work on Sundays, etc. Taurus, meaning she's strong-willed and stubborn. Shows off her all-natural boobs. Spins around and drops her jeans. Wearing booty shorts. Tribal band leg tattoo. Loves music. Gives herself a wedgie with her underwear. Poses in doggy. Shoulder tattoo in Chinese script meaning "strength." She asked a Chinese guy and he told her it means "noodles." Gorgeous shaved pussy and asshole. Clit piercing. Started having sex at 18. Worked at a pancake restaurant throughout high school but was fired for being late too often. Pink-soled size 6.5 feet. Has lived in Las Vegas but it sucks being under 21 there. Different coloured toe nails with a toe ring worn since 9th Grade and foot tattoo. Goals include making money in porn and becoming a star. Jaylynn drops to her knees to suck my dick. Happy cocksucker with serious skills. Nice eye contact. Uses spit for lube and strokes while sucking. "Tastes so good!" Ball licking. Cock worship. Mild face fucking. "You like the way I suck it?" No-hands sucking. I put her over my knee and spank her while sucking her toes. Service gets upgraded and we fuck in doggy. Her tight pussy sends me over the edge and I dump a hot load into her mouth. She swallows the big, thick, gloopy mess with a smile, telling me it was "tasty." Great cumslut who was ripe, thirsty, and ready to be plucked
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