LORELEI LEE Eats Cum For Me in POV


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
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LORELEI LEE Eats Cum For Me in POV I met Lorelei when she came to my place for a cocksucking casting. Her reputation for being a hardcore slut preceded her. Explains her phoenix rising from the ashes tattoo on her left arm. She got it at a time in her life when she felt like she had to do likewise. She's an ultra sub who gets a lot out of being a doormat for men. It gives her a depth of experience that's different from her regular sex life, she says. Sexuality is complicated, and she feels good when she can let go of power and responsibility. Enjoys being vulnerable on camera. Lost virginity at 14. She handcuffed herself when she was 18 while entertaining a boyfriend. Discovered that she loved it! Admits she's dated some jerks in the past. Tiny star tattoo that she got at a bus station in Wales while hitchhiking with friends. Visited London, Amsterdam, and Liverpool. The boyfriend from the handcuff story had a friend who shot porn. Lorelei tried it and it opened the door to work for Kink. Did a lot of fetish. She assumes the hogtied position before getting naked and spreading her ass. No current boyfriend. Porn fulfils some but not all of her needs. Loves to read and write. Enjoys fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Lorelei drops to her knees to pay homage to my hog. "Your cock tastes good!" Beautiful deep throat from a true pleaser. Ball and taint licking combined with auto-impaling and slobbery spit. I spank her ass to let her know her efforts are appreciated. It makes her go into oral overdrive. Total servitude and cock worship. I trap her head with my thighs and walk her backwards, pushing my weight onto her face. She rims my asshole. She puts her hands behind her back and lets me fuck her face with attitude. Gag and spit, gap and spit. She repeatedly thanks me. Her eyes water and I check in with her to make sure she's ok. She tells me she's "more than ok" and continues to suck with great enthusiasm. "I want you to fill my fucking mouth with cum! I want all the cum! All your cum! I'm ready to fill my stomach. I want you to fill it up. Please will you fill my stomach with cum?" Begs for cum. I paint a skunk stripe on her tongue and watch her eat it. The satisfied cumslut thanks me and gives some post-cum head. A living legend lives up to the hype. Lorelei's the real deal
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