Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

Sisters Blackmailled into Sex



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What happens when sisters need help practicing kissing? Why they help each other of course! However things don't go as planned and the girls get caught by one of their sadistic boyfriends who manages to take a pic of the two making out. Despite the girls wanting otherwise they are blackmailed into doing more to each other and reluctantly kiss and touch one another's breasts. Of course that isn't enough and despite the youngest not wanting to be involved at all she is blackmailed to watch and participate as her sister has sex with her boyfriend right in front of her. After cumming several times the eldest daughter becomes convinced that her younger sister should learn everything from her boyfriend right then and there because she is too old to be a virgin anyway. Despite not wanting it at first they convince the youngest to have sex for her first time! She moans and squirms at first but can't help cum several times while her older sister laughs at it all. She loves having sex and even though she says she doesn't want it to happen he cums deep inside her filling her up. Starring FifiFoxx, TheCockNinja and SmartyKat314 Family sex, inbred, inbreeding, family, virgin, sadism