Spanks for Tiny Men - Stella Liberty


Stella Liberty

American / Los Angeles
10:15 min - Oct 02 - .MP4 - 231.26 MB


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Mistress Stella has a theory about why there are all these tiny slaves in the world. Slave obieny is only 5’ 2” and I tower above him while in heels. After doing some size comparisons it is clear that Mistress Stella has to help obieny grow into a real boy. See the biggest problem with boys these days is they never get the spankings they need and that is why they never grow up to be real men. I was spanked and my brother was spanked and that’s why we are giants compared to the tiny little slave obieny. Tiny men have their uses though as little ottoman’s and they make excellent foot and leg worshippers. Though I am feeling generous today and decide to help the slave with his height shortcomings I put obieny over my knee and begin spanking his tiny butt. He struggles with his first spanking, but he is so small it is easy to make sure he can never escape. It makes me so happy to spank his tiny butt and I am determined to help this slave grow no matter how long it takes. My treatment doesn’t seem to be taking hold so I just up my intensity until his ass is completely red and my slave is quivering before sending him off to grow into a real man