Smelly Nylons

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This is the "rough script" because it includes my name. This would be pov style you talking to me into the camera, with seductive talk, glimpses of your hosed feet, toes, inside of your pumps etc. ;o) my thoughts are that we work in the same office and you are my new young secretary. you met my wife and don't like her, so you decide to ruin me for her. these first clips are seductive dominance rather than mean bdsm. we are working late and you have seen me notice your 4" black patent heels. you start by dangling them, luring me in, before you mention how sore they are and ask me to rub them. you ask if they smell, because you have been wearing them alllllllllllllll day. you tem me to sniff them. "no jerry, sniff them deeper. they smell nice don't they jerry? sniff my shoe, yes jerry, I've had them forever. they smell even nicer don't they? the trick to get them to smell soooooo nice is to really wear them and break them in. I bet your wife April's shoes don't smell this nice do they? She doesn't wear her shoes nearly long enough to get them to smell this nice. sniff them deeper jerry. you like that corn chip scent I can tell. the way my nail polish, sheer nylons and shiny patent leather make my feet sweat, you love that scent jerry. i can see the desire building in you, sniff deeper jerry that's it. feel the scent control you, growing desire. smell my shoe again, deeeeeeper jerry. such a good grrl. what? never mind what I just said, just breathe deeper. I want you to do something, take off all your clothes. we're in your office, no one will see. that's good jerry, just listen to me. I want you to slide my panties on, you will absolutely love the feeling on your little cock. There, doesn't that feel good jerry? you look just like my pretty little grrl with your panties on. don't be embarrassed jerry, here, sniff my shoe again. you love that scent don't you jerry? feel your desire grow for my sweaty, stinky pumps. i'll even rub your little grrl cock with my hosed foot as you sniff deeper jerry. oh that feeeeeels soooooo gooood doesn't it? breathe my sweaty shoe in jerry, the pleasure is getting so nice for you. you will always think of my scent when you get aroused jerry. good grrl, slowly hump my foot as you sniff. when you have sex with April, you will mentally imagine you are humping my foot, remembering my stinky heels. good grrl jerry. keep rocking, thrusting against my sweaty, stinky hosed foot. it feels so good against your pretty pantied cock doesn't it jerry? you even love wearing sexy satin panties as you sniff deeper. hold my pump with both hands and really sniff the inside of my stinky worn pump jerry-- soooooo gooood!!! hump faster jerry, feel my scent in your nose, taste the salty sweaty inside of my shoe. ohhhhh yessss jerry! feel your orgasm build. hump my foot faster. its my scent that you desire jerry. you love it! feel you cum longing to explode because of my sweaty feet jerry! yes! cum jerry, cum like a good grrl! oh yes! it feeeeeels sooooood to give in to me jerry. I want you to wear your pretty panties home jerry. feel that slippery cum inside of your silky panties and clean them up when you get home so you can wear them under your suit tomorrow. i'll even give you my sweaty hose jerry, mmmmm. I want you to sniff the toes of them right before you have sex with April tonight. oh your pretty little cock like that, well off you go.&quot