The chastity endurance test


Ava Black

British / UK
11:29 min - Sep 24 - .WMV - 170.33 MB


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Includes - Chastity training - Chastity tease and denial - Chastity challenges - Ass shaking - slave training - Tease and denial - Cock control - cum control - twerking Come here my little arse loving chastity b1tch boi! Life is meant to be tough for you. After all what is the point of being in chastity if it is not hard - literally and metaphorically? Well today we are going to step up the heat with a sizzling hot addition to your chastity dilemna! You see today I want you to do what you do best - nothing... You heard me. Do nothing. While I dance and bounce and twerk this big juicy arse right here in front of you. Nothing. Don't touch that cock. Don't think about sex. Don't dribble from your locked cock. Jingle jangle, I hear your Pinocchi-cock