How my sexy date went


Ava Black

British / UK
8:16 min - Sep 25 - .WMV - 136.31 MB


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Includes - ebony - mindfuck - cuckolding - corset - lingerie - verbal humiliation - hot wife - sexy stories - sexual confession - cuckold husband Your wife is back from her hot date with your boss. You are eager to find out how it all went, but at the same time you are just a little bit anxious. You know your boss likes to live lavish and you can only imagine what he has treated your beloved to. Still, you know you have no choice as you agreed for her to see him when she pleases. She is literally gushing when you happen upon her in the front room! Apparently your boss didn't hold back on their date. Taking her out to a private boat party. But what is she saying? It wasn't just a boat party? It was a swingers event? You feel your heart fall as she delves into the saucy details of what happened next