Chapter 1: Sister's Blackmail Backfires

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Oh... hey... I didn't hear you get home. OKAY! Before you get angry with me, it wasn't MY idea to come snooping in my little brother's room. It was mom. She was worried about what you were getting up to. You're always on your computer and-- well, let's be honest... we know you don't JUST play video games in here... In fact, I know EXACTLY what you've been getting into. You have a creepy obsession with cartoon girls! I mean, really? Like... all of these are so unrealistic. Look at this one-- her tits are HUGE! There's no way they could be real. They've all got massive boobs. You're like... obsessed or something. And this one? What's with all the tentacles... it's gross! So, we're going to make a deal. Okay? You be my little slave-- do whatever I say for a year, and I don't tell our super religious mom that she gave birth to a total pervert. Deal? ... Oh... so you think you have something on ME, do you? Very funny. What the hell could you possibly have on me? You what? Where did you find my stash of weed? Are you kidding me?! If mom found out she'd have me shipped off! This is my senior year, you can't do this to me! Just give me the pot, and I won't tell mom about your porn. Okay? Yeah... I realize you have the upper hand. So what else do you want? I'll do anything, just give it back! You want what? You want me to show you my tits? Are you serious? I can't do that! That's so messed up...Yeah... yeah... okay! I don't want to miss my senior year. Can I just flash you and get my pot back?.... FINE! I'll keep my shirt off for as long as you want. God.... this is so humiliating. You better not tell anyone about this! Wait... why are you sticking your hand in your pants? Oh... my...god... this wasn't part of the deal