Who Wore It Best 4 Angel Lee & Lucy Purr

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Lucy Purr and Angel Lee put on yellow shirts and before they get wet, Lucy's nipples are poking through. Angel's shirt is more opaque and she has to lay in the water to saturate it. When they are both wet, their nipples poke through as the skin tight jeans cling to their curves. <BR><BR> They pour water over each other's bodies and enjoy the respite from the heat. The wet fabric feels good and they caress each other's tits. Even though the shirts are similar, they swap to see who wears it better. The cold material stretches over their head and down their chest but they look similar. <BR><BR> Stepping out of the pool, they switch to red shirts. Since their skin is moist, they gingerly put them on before heading back to the pool! <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS-  wet tee shirt, skimpy shirts, wet and messy, outside, outdoors, jeans wetting, pool, denim, fetish clothing, pigtails, ponytails, brunette, Asian