100 Strokes Brushing My Long Hair



American / Ballsack
11:23 min - Sep 07 - .WMV - 514.76 MB


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Looking super sexy wearing a red fishnet bodystocking outfit sitting on the bed with my nipples poking through, I start to brush my hair. I know my beauty drives you crazy and you can't get enough. I brush and brush my long hair. For a brief moment I close my eyes while brushing my hair, I love the way it feels. I play with it and glide my fingers through my hair. I start to count with every brush stroke. We reach 100 strokes and then I tease you some more with my hair. My hair falls perfectly on my shoulders. Includes: Hair Brushing, Long Hair, Brunette, Fishnets, Goddess Worship, Bodystockings, Extreme Close-Ups