It's Karrie Kellie's Birthday! LIVE SHOW

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Join us for Karrie Kellie (aka lilbatgrl)'s Cosplay Fantasy! Starring Karrie Kellie as Latex Batgirl, Tequila Mockingbird as Latex Harley Quinn, and Darling Nikki as...Prince? Zatana? We're not sure... Also featuring: Sarah Tonin as Powergirl! Samantha Jay as Poison Ivy! And Annabelle "Celeste" Coquette as...well, we're not sure about that one either, but it'll be hot!! Show begins at 9pm central with Birthday Spankings, and we'll go into our "GOLD" show at 9:20pm. After the "GOLD" show, we'll take "privates" (multiple members can watch). We'll start taking "exclusives" (one member at a time) at 10pm. Come out and show Karrie Kellie some love for her birthday