Mistress Aiden Starr Reprograms You



American / Las Vegas
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Mistress Aiden Starr is one of the most famous and revered Dommes in the world.. men come from all over the globe to her Dungeon in California to be put in their place... and now you will be put in your place. She starts the clip by beckoning you into her dungeon. The look on her face tells you that she views you as common garbage. She tells you that she knows you are used to being in charge in your world, but in her world you are nothing but a peon. She tells you that she is going to reprogram you. She is going to destroy your ego and remove all of your self esteem. She then explains to you that no one likes you.. you have no hope of anyone in this world caring about you except her. And she only cares about using you. Then she shoves her dirty boots in your face and expects you to clean them. She degrades and berates you as you lick her dirty boots and feet... then she tells you to get on your knees so she can grind her hairy pussy on your face and use you as a sextoy! Then she turns around so you can bury your nose in her dirty asshole! Of course, Mistress Aiden gives you a 10 second countdown as you jerk off. ONE OF OUR BEST CLIPS EVER. AIDEN STARR IS INCREDIBLE
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