I Wanna Lick You So Badly pt. 1

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Sayo Shiloh

American / USA
216 5.0
3:16 min - Sep 07 - .MP4 - 14.70 MB - 640x480
Lovetheplump - Top reviewer Sep 8
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Sayokween may have the most magical tounge in the history of tongues. The lipstick smears are also beyond hot and their is some 1st class dirty talk. Really sexy free vid which effectively whet your appetite for more. Looking forward to discovering more of her content in the near future.

Thank you so much doll! <3

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Amazing Video, definitely going to be watching again!

I really, really am. ;*

sleepyjack - Top reviewer Sep 8
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Sexy girl giving a lipstick smearing blowjob on a massive dildo with lots of dirty talk! Amazing!

Mmm, thank you so much for the love, hon!

Thank you so much, cum again! ;*

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Amazing video loved every minute of it

Thank you my sweet panda bear!

Sucking on a ginormous dildo and smearing my pretty makeup all over my cock-whore-loving face. Pt. 2 is being uploaded now. I have to take videos through Facebook because my phone is smashed, and I don't have any other way of making vids, so they're all 3 minutes for now until I get some money to buy proper equipment. :( I still wanted to suck some cock, though, so I found a way! I hope you enjoy